1. 1
    How long does your protection last?
    Rest assured our ceramic paint protection coatings are permanently bonded with your paint! However best super hydrophobic (water sheeting) results occur in the first years.
  2. 2
    Can I still wax my car after the paint protective coating?
    Yes you can, But you don't need too! Just wash your car and the ceramic self cleaning abilities will make your car shine. Waxing may even negatively affect the super hydrophobic properties.
  3. 3
    Does the paint protection protect against stone chips?
    No, Our ceramic coating brings your vehicle to a level of 9H and adds scratch resistant properties, however for the protection to be supple enough to bond with the car it cannot be hard enough to protect against stone chips. Our protection is a health medium.
  4. 4
    Do I need to use special waxes or shampoo?
    No, just wash your car with normal automotive soap and see the amazing results of our ceramic coating.
  5. 5
    How long do I have to wait before driving my car?
    All our coatings are sealed and cured with Infarred curing lamps so you don't have to wait 12 hours before driving your vehicle. As soon as our service is complete you can drive right away.
  6. 6
    Can you come to me and apply ceramic coating?
    For the finest results we apply all ceramic protective coatings in our purpose built workshop to avoid dust and airborne contaminants. As well as part of the process we require the use of special IR curing lamps.
  7. 7
    What products do you use?
    We use OPT optimum gloss coat by Opticoat and Gyeon Quartz MOHS Q2 ceramic coatings as well as the finest Autosmart products for detailing and interior protection.
  8. 8
    Is your worked guaranteed and insured?
    All our work carries a 5 year guarantee (can always be extended with servicing) and we are comprehensively insured for all work we do.
  9. 9
    How long does the process take?
    Generally takes about 5 hours with two staff members to complete however this may differ depending on the quality of your paint, as further preparation work may be required.
  10. 10
    Can you fix scratches and paint damage?
    We can perform machine polish and paint corrections to light scratches however deep scratches and paint damage may need to be re painted before application. Send us a message and we can advise on the best solution.